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Gold Coins.png Gold Coins, or just Coins, are the currency of the game. They are necessary as upfront costs for construction and weekly maintenance of various important structures. They are also used in trade with other villages. Gold Coins can be obtained as mission rewards through military conquest, finishing certain quests which may also be provided by envoys, selling exports to traders, or by selling needed goods to the player's villagers at Markets and Taverns.

At the start, the player is provided 500 coins to work with, and can only store that amount, meaning that any additional profit beyond that point will be lost. However, coins obtained through quest or mission completion will still be credited, with no money being made from income until the stored amount falls below capacity. More Gold Coins can be stored by constructing additional extensions to certain structures, such as Keeps and Lord Manors, and assigning them with the role of Treasury. Treasuries expand your Gold Coin capacity by 30 Gold Coins per Size, and increase weekly maintenance cost by half of the Size, rounded up.

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