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The Gathering Hut is first food production building buildings in Foundation. It becomes available construct after placing a Builder's Workshop

Assigned villagers will work as foragers. They will collect Berries.pngBerries from the nearest berry bush assigned to an extraction zone. Foragers begin collection by travelling from their home to Gather's Hut; from there they will travel to the bush. Once a berry has been obtained they must return to the hut to deposit it before foraging for another.

Once the berries have been deposited, a Transporter assigned to a Granary that has been set to allow berry storage will collect the berries stored and deposit them in their assigned granary. Here, the berries will become available to Market Tenders who are running a Food Stall assigned to sell berries.

The optimal number of berries a day that can be obtained is approximately 3-4 berries per forager and each forager works 2 in 3 days, resulting in approximately 2-3 berries a day on average. The distance from the forager's home to the gathering hut and the distance between the gathering hut and the extraction zone will affect the number of berries that can be obtained. During bad weather, the collection speed is reduced by 20%, with an optimum of 6 berries per day for a fully employed hut.

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