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The Granary is one of the buildings in Foundation. It becomes available to construct after placing the first Builder's Workshop.

The granary will store various part processed, processed and unprocessed food goods for use by buildings. Each granary can store 100 of each product in a storage slot up to 400 items. Each slot is assigned manually and once a slot has been filled, goods will not overflow into the next available slot.

Item Source Destination
Beer.pngBeer Brewery Tavern
Berries.pngBerries Gathering Hut Food Stall
Boar.pngBoar Hunter's hut Tavern Kitchen
Bread.pngBread Bakery Food Stall
Cheese.pngCheese Cheesemaker Food Stall
Fish.pngFish Fisher's hut Food Stall
Flour.pngFlour Windmill Bakery
Item Source Destination
Grapes.pngGrapes Vineyard Winery
Honey.pngHoney Apiary Luxury Goods Stall
Herbs.pngHerbs Herb Garden Luxury Goods Stall
Hop.pngHops Hop Farm Brewery
Milk.pngMilk Dairy Farm Cheesemaker
Wheat.pngWheat Wheat Farm Windmill
Wine.pngWine Winery Tavern

Each slot has 4 menu items:

File:Granary and Warehouse Slot Menus.jpg

The red X ("Refuse") means the good won't be accepted into the granary

The green check mark ("Accept") makes it so the transporter gets the goods from the producer (ie bakery, gathering hut)

The green up arrow ("Stock Maximum") makes it so the transporter gets the goods from any other granary (with items not marked as Stock Maximum) instead of from the producer in order to try to fill the slot and keep it full.

The red down arrow ("Empty Stock") slowly empties all stock of that item, and does not accept anymore of that item.

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