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This panel is opened by clicking the Labor mini info bar Labor mini panel.png in the top tool bar of the game. The Labor Panel gives access to unlock buildings related to labor. Certain requirements are needed to meet of the 4 different levels.

  • 10 Serfs and 0 Splendor.png (splendor), and unlocks the Warehouse.
  • 20 serfs and 2 Splendor.png unlocks the Fisher's hut, Lord Manor, and Hedge
  • 20 Commoners and 20Splendor.png unlocks Lord Manor: Stone Set, Bailiff Office, Trade Bonus, Tavern, Tavern Wall, Tavern: Stone Set
  • 10 Citizens and 50Splendor.png unlocks the Tax Office

As you can see in the example image, requirements that are met are shown in green and unmet requirements for each level are shown in red. The village in this example must have 20+ serfs and 0 prestige.

Some unlocks require your labor be at a certain level as well. This is noted to the right of each unlock.

The labor panel