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The Market is the primary resource for Villagers to obtain daily goods in order to be satisfied. The building is modular, but requires a single stall to be constructed. Initially only a food stall can be built, but as the village grows and the Villagers are promoted, goods and luxury goods stalls can be installed.

Stall Stocks Required Materials Construction Cost Maintenance Cost Accessed At
Food Stall Berries.pngBerries
Wood.pngWood (10) - 5 Immediate
Goods Stall Common Clothes.pngCommon Clothes Wood.pngWood (10) 50 10
Luxury Goods Stall Jewelry.pngJewelry
Wood.pngWood (10) 150 25

Each stall must be assigned a Market Tender, who will collect goods from either a Granary or Warehouse to stock the assigned stall. Market Tender's cannot obtain goods from the source of manufacture.

Aside from the stalls, various decorations can be included, increasing the maintenance cost but contribute towards Labor Splendor.

Decoration Required Materials Cost Maintenance Cost Splendor
Red Tent Wood.pngWood (10)
Cloth.pngCloth (5)
50 10 2
Blue Tent Wood.pngWood (10)
Cloth.pngCloth (5)
50 10 2
Green Tent Wood.pngWood (10)
Cloth.pngCloth (5)
50 10 2
Food Stall Sign - - - -
Goods Stall Sign - - - -
Luxury Goods Stall Sign - - - -
Barrels Planks.pngPlanks (1) - - -
Bench Planks.pngPlanks (1) - - -
Fence Planks.pngPlanks (1) - - -

If there is insufficient food available, or poor access to food, Villager food Happiness will decrease until they can acquire food from a Food Stall. Sustained unhappiness from a lack of food will result in Food Shortage happiness, which will gradually reduce as long as food stocks are sustained.

  • Stone Bridge
  • Wooden Bridge
Master Piece
  • Automate Fountain
  • Fountain Monument
  • Golden Cross
  • Knight Statue
  • Lush Garden
  • Officinal Garden
  • Shrine
  • Stained Glass Masterpiece
  • Unique Gate