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Multiple distinct supply chains[]

Q: Is it possible to have transporters and producers only collect goods from specific sources? For example, I have two sets of sheep farm, weaver and tailor in different parts of the map but instead of using the suppliers nearby I often see transporters and producers walking miles to get supplies from elsewhere. Can I tell a transporter/warehouse to only collect wool from a specific sheep farm, for example? If not, is there any chance of controls like this being added to the roadmap?

How does the monastery work?[]

Q: Hi, I can't understand how the monastery work because when I click "Concede a villager to the monastery" It doesn't work and I'm incapable to produce herbs and honey
A: Once you've built the Herb Garden and Apiary you still need Dorms for each villager you want to concede. It's also worth noting that you can only concede "males" to the Monastery. You can see that you have assigned Dorms if you can see the Occupancy (for example 0/10) in the window, just on top of the different jobs your monks can fullfill.

Envoy Requesting an Audience[]

Q: What do I do when an envoy is requesting an audience?
A: If you click on notification button, your camera will center on the envoy, who should be at your Great Hall. When you click on the envoy, it will open up the window that will show you the options you have.
The choices involve support for the King, the Clergy or the People (or do nothing). If you fullfill the task you get points that you can use to unlock items in the Estate window in the right top. If you fail, you lose points!

Trees and Woodcutting[]

Q:I have seen three VLOGS of this game and each player only cuts pine trees and avoids oaks. Is there a reason for this?
A: Earlier in development, the game only made it possible to plant new Pine trees but not oaks. Therefore oaks were not replacable.

Construction Sites[]

Q: My construction sites don't get build, but I do have the resources. What should I do?
A: Rotate your builders so that your construction site is close to a builder's home. Your builders, like all other villagers, live in houses. When you lay blueprints for new construction sites you must consider how far your builders need to travel from their homes to reach the build site. As your builders are traveling, they are accumulating and fulfilling their needs. If a build site is far from a builder's house, they will spend a significant amount of time attempting to reach the site only to turn around at some point to fulfill a need. If the construction site is too far away from a builder's house, it will be built very slowly or even not at all.


Q: hey guys, anyone know why I cant build a warehouse ? by user:DDTurbo
A: First, you have to unlock the warehouse from the 'labor party'. Then, you need planks to build the warehouse.

Could someone tell me how to convert a villager to commoner?[]

Q: Hey guys, could someone tell me how to convert a villager to commoner?
A: Hi, building a church. It's also worth mentioning that Promotion will only take place at the first of each month. You'll get a notification for that in the top left window. It will cost you gold. Promotion will lead to more demand from the villager, so be casrefull not to promote before you're ready to support that.

How is a warehouse assigned to a commercial route?[]

Q: Hi guys, how is a warehouse assigned to a commercial route?
A: You need to open the trade panel, select an item and number to buy or sell, then go to the warehouse, chose the slot where you're going to buy or sell items and click the 'accept' checkmark. You have to be serf or above to trade.

Monument Buildings[]

Q: Can I add additional parts to an already constructed monument building like the Rustic Church?
A: Yes you can. Click on the monument and select "Edit" this will let you add new components. Some components will only show up after you have unlocked them.

Can I run Foundation?[]

Q:Can i play with my laptop? Specs: Intel Core i5-7200U Intel HD Graphics 620 8 GB Ram Windows 10 64 bit. It would be fine to play at the lowest settings for me, i just think i would really enjoy to play it. (by user:Jojessegaming)
A: I think you should be fine running the game but you will have to use lower graphics settings.

Labor influence[]

Q:How to get labor influence?
A: Choose the third option for envoy missions and complete them successfully.

How do I make priests?[]

Q: How do I assign a priest to my churches?
A: Priests haven't been implemented in the game yet. They'll be added at some point in the future.