Foundation Wiki

Quests are part of Foundation and they can be exported and imported by other players. They are usually linked to a certain task the player must fulfill. Quests can be part of larger Scenarios.

List of quests[]

Name Description Trigger Reward Unlocks
Build a Village Center Place a Village Center First Territory claimed Gold Bars.pngGold (450)

Wood.pngWood (40)

Tools.pngTools (20)

Berries.pngBerries (10)

Villagers (8)

New Zone: Forbidden Land

Buildings: Builder's Workshop

Build a Builder's Workshop Building a Village Center New Zone: Extraction, Reforestation

Buildings: Lumber Camp, Market, Gathering Hut,

Granary, Wooden Bridge, Well, Stonecutter Camp, Sawmill, Forester.

Assign a Builder
Place a Lumber Camp
Assign a new Woodcutter Lumber Camp Complete
Paint an Extraction Zone Woodcutter Assigned
Produce Berries Build a gathering hut, assign a forager, have the berries in an extraction zone Extraction zone painted
Build a Granary
  • Build a Granary,
  • Assign a new Transporter,
  • Assign Berries to a Granary

*A granary requires Stone (5), so you will need to build a Stonecutter Camp

and assign a stone cutter first.

Producing Berries Gold Bars.pngGold (100)
Fill the needs of your newcomers Granary Gold Bars.pngGold (100)
Increase population (maximze

immigration probability)

  • Assign a job to all villagers
  • Raise Happiness to 100
4 Kingdom Fealty

4 Labor Fealty

New Zone: Residential

Buildings: House, Rustic Church, and Lord Manor

*these unlock when new people migrate to your territory

Promote a Newcomer to a Serf
  • Build a Lord Manor
    • This requires planks, so you will need a sawmill and a carpenter
  • Assign a Great Hall function to the Lord's Manor
  • Promote a Villager to a Serf
Fealty to the Kingdom Buildings: Stonemason Hut, Wheat Farm, Windmill, Bakery, Cola Hut,

Iron Smelter, Blacksmith, Sheep Statue

Unlock the Warehouse Unlocks from the estate panel. Can also unlock Bailiff's Office at this time,

as well as the Wooden Keep, Wooden Wall, and Large Stone Wall (although you

won't have enough fealty points for all 3 "Kingdom" items).

Labor fealty points

10 Newcomers

Unlock a trade route Unlock the trade route to Northbury so you can buy Tools - requires 20 Planks 1 Free Territory
Set up your first trade route
  • Build a Warehouse
  • Assign Tools to Warehouse
  • Allow Tools to be Purchased
Build a Wooden Keep Kingdom asks for soldiers Kingdom Splendor.pngSplendor (10)
Sword.pngSword (5)
Build a Church Unlocking the Church from

the estate panel

Gold Bars.pngGold (100)

Piety.pngPiety (10)