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Sawmill is one of the first buildings in Foundation. It becomes available after placing the first Builder's Workshop and reduces the desirability of the surrounding area.

The sawmill can employ up to 3 carpenters, who take Wood.pngWood from a Lumber Camp or Warehouse in order to produce Planks.pngPlanks. Each carpenter can produce 4 planks a day, working on two planks at a time; this enables an theoretical optimum of 12 planks a day. Wood is taken from either a Lumber Camp or a Warehouse and up to 10 wood can be stored at any given time.

Once produced, the planks will be collected by a Builder, who will taken them to a construction site, or a Transporter who will take them to its assigned Warehouse.

  • Stone Bridge
  • Wooden Bridge
Master Piece
  • Automate Fountain
  • Fountain Monument
  • Golden Cross
  • Knight Statue
  • Lush Garden
  • Officinal Garden
  • Shrine
  • Stained Glass Masterpiece
  • Unique Gate