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'''Scenarios in Foundation'''
Scenarios are optional emergent narrative elements that trigger dynamically based on the players actions. Foundation will contain a range of scenarios to mix up gameplay and give the players additional challenges. This will add to the diversity and replayability of the game. Scenarios will announce themselves in-game through quests and the player can choose to trigger or avert the scenario.
In fancy techno-babble a feature like Scenarios is "ludo-narrative gameplay". This means that through playing the game the player creates a story. Scenarios acknowledge and fleshes out these stories while offering an additional challenges by mixing-up game mechanics.
'''What kind of Scenarios will there be'''
Scenarios will be very diverse. At first we mainly wanted to offer a new challenge to experienced players. But over the course of the game development this feature evolved into a vessel for our own role-playing fantasies.
We do not want to disclose the exact amount and nature of the scenarios as they should be discovered while playing foundation. But it always revolves around the King, the Church, the people, your family, nature itself or a combination thereof.
Some Scenarios will shape your entire settlement others are more like an Easter Egg. But they will all not only contain intriguing narratives for the player to live experience but also challenge the players grasp of the games mechanics.
'''When will Scenarios be available'''
Since our employees are all encouraged to write stories and participate in the creation of meaningful and intriguing scenarios this feature will only be available on launch. Some mechanics are already being tested in the Open Alpha but we want to make sure that the Scenarios are as fun and engaging as they are for us to create.
== Related ==
== Related ==

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