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Splendor is a resource that can be used to unlock new buildings and structures, such as the Fisher's Hut and Hunter's Hut. Building certain building items provides labor splendor, kingdom splendor or clergy splendor.

Labor splendor[]

Labor splendor is earned by building decor items in the Market building, or the Lord Manor.

Item Splendor
Blue Tent +2.00
Green Tent +2.00
Red Tent +2.00
Goods Stall Sign +0.50
Food Stall Sign +0.50
Luxury Good Stall Sign +0.50
Barrels +0.50
Bench +0.50
Fence +0.50
Lord Manor
Core +1.00
Small Treasury +1.00
Tower +1.00
Stone main building +5.00
Stone Extension +1.00
Chimney +0.50
Bailiff Office +1.00

Kingdom splendor[]

Kingdom splendor is earned by building a Wooden Keep.

Item Splendor
Core +3.00
Wooden Top A +1.00
Wooden Top B +0.50
Wooden Top C +0.20
Door A +0.10
Door B +0.10
Door C +0.10
Wooden Gate +0.10
Decorative Flag +0.10

Clergy splendor[]

Clergy splendor is earned by building a Rustic Church and Church, and letting people visit them.

Item Splendor
Rustic Church
Core +1.00
Wooden Extension A +0.50
Wooden Extension B +0.50
Door A +0.10
Door C +0.30
Small Tower A +2.00
Small Tower B +1.00
Stone Extension A +0.20
Stone Extension B +0.20