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Stonecutter Camp is one of the buildings in Foundation. It is one of the first buildings available after constructing the initial Builder's Workshop and will reduce the desirability of the surrounding area.

Once placed, the Stonecutter Camp will extract Stone.pngStone from the nearest stone deposit that has been marked for extraction to the camp. Each camp can employ up to 5 stone cutters, who have theoretical maximum of 2 stone a day, a maximum of 10 stone for a fully employed camp. Between each extraction of stone, it must be placed in the camp by the stone cutter before another unit can be extracted.

From the camp, builders or transporters will collect the stone and transport it to a construction site or their designated Warehouse.

  • Stone Bridge
  • Wooden Bridge
Master Piece
  • Automate Fountain
  • Fountain Monument
  • Golden Cross
  • Knight Statue
  • Lush Garden
  • Officinal Garden
  • Shrine
  • Stained Glass Masterpiece
  • Unique Gate