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The Tavern is a mid-game monument Buildings in Foundation.

Assigned villagers will work as cooks or bartenders. Cooks need Boar.pngBoar and Cheese.pngCheese to produce Meal.pngMeal. Bartenders sell Wine.pngWine and Beer.pngBeer. You can assign different functions to different parts of the building: the Service Counter is where you assign bartenders, the Kitchen is where you assign cooks. You can also designate an area as a Public Lounge, which increases the number of Villagers who can hang out there at any given time.


This section contains information about each part of the building.

Building Part Description Benefit (in standard height) Capacity Costs (in standard height) Maintenance (in standard height)
Rustic Core 7.50 20 150 Gold 28 Gold
Wood Extension 2 10 Gold
Cabin 2 N/A
Stone Hall 5 20
Stone Extension A 2 20
Stone Extension B 2 2
Door A .1 N/A N/A
Door B .1 N/A N/A
Door C .1 N/A N/A
Door D .5 N/A N/A
Shed .5 N/A
Stables .5 N/A
Stable Fence .1 N/A
Chimney .2 N/A
Roof Chimney .1 N/A
  • Stone Bridge
  • Wooden Bridge
Master Piece
  • Automate Fountain
  • Fountain Monument
  • Golden Cross
  • Knight Statue
  • Lush Garden
  • Officinal Garden
  • Shrine
  • Stained Glass Masterpiece
  • Unique Gate