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To add a tiny icon with a link. You can start to work on the new page the link will generate. Just click on it! Example: You upload file:wood.png -> and then can add {{Item|Wood}} to a page where you need it as a tiny icon with a link.



Gold Bars.pngGold (20)
Gold Bars.pngGold (value)

Code Icon Link
angry Angry.png File:Angry.png
berries Berries.png Berries
candle Candle.png Candle
clergy influence Clergy Influence.png Influence
clothes Common Clothes.png Common Clothes
deer Deer.png Deer
flour Flour.png Flour
gems Gems.png Gems
gold coin Gold Coins.png Gold Coins
goods Goods.png Goods
happy Happy.png Happy
herbs Herbs.png Herbs
hops Hop.png Hops
jewelry Jewelry.png Jewelry
kingdom splendor Kingdom Splendor.png Splendor
labor splendor Labor Splendor.png Splendor
maintenance Maintenance Cost.png Maintenance
meal Meal.png Meal
pastry Pastry.png Pastry
planks Planks.png Planks
sad Sad.png Sad
services Services.png Services
splendor Splendor.png Splendor
tool Tools.png Tools
wax Wax.png Wax
wood Wood.png Wood
Code Icon Link
barrel Barrel.png Barrel
boar Boar.png Boar
cheese Cheese.png Cheese
clergy splendor Clergy Splendor.png Splendor
coal Coal.png Coal
faith Faith.png Faith
food Food.png Food
glass Glass.png Glass
gold coins Gold Coins.png Gold Coins
grape Grapes.png Grapes
hemp Hemp.png Hemp
honey Honey.png Honey
iron Iron.png Iron
kingdom Kingdom Influence.png Influence
labor Labor Influence.png Influence
leather Leather.png Leather
maintenance cost Maintenance Cost.png Maintenance Cost
milk Milk.png Milk
piety Piety.png Piety
polished stone Polished Stone.png Polished Stone
salt Salt.png Salt
size Size.png Size
stone Stone.png Stone
tools Tools.png Tools
wheat Wheat.png Wheat
wool Wool.png Wool
Code Icon Link
beer Beer.png Beer
bread Bread.png Bread
clergy Clergy Influence.png Influence
cloth Cloth.png Cloth
coin Gold Coins.png Gold Coins
fish Fish.png Fish
gem Gems.png Gems
gold Gold Bars.png Gold
gold ore Gold Ore.png Gold Ore
grapes Grapes.png Grapes
herb Herbs.png Herbs
hop Hop.png Hops
iron ore Iron Ore.png Iron Ore
kingdom influence Kingdom Influence.png Influence
labor influence Labor Influence.png Influence
luxury Luxury.png Luxury Goods
marble Marble.png Marble
ok Ok.png Ok
pike PikesIcon.png Pike
quartz Quartz.png Quartz
sculpture Sculpture.png Sculpture
spear Spear.png Spear
sword Sword.png Sword
water Water.png Water
wine Wine.png Wine