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The Wheat Farm is one of the buildings in Foundation.

Assigned villagers will work as farmers and produceWheat.pngWheat, by planting, growing and harvesting it in a farm field development zone. Each individual wheat farm has its own farm field development zone.

Wheat.pngWheat is used to make Flour.pngFlour and Beer.pngBeer.

When construction of the farm is complete, its state will be Resting. The farm goes through four states in a growing season: Resting, Sowing, Growing, Harvest.

  1. Resting lasts for three days, during which time farmers may continue the harvest if it is incomplete.
  2. Sowing lasts for four days. During this time farmers will plant wheat in the farm field development zone.
  3. Growing lasts six days, during which the farmers are idle.
  4. Harvesting lasts eight days. Farmers will harvest the wheat during this time, provided there is storage space to receive it.

Farmers still take rest times to fill their needs along their normal schedule, so sowing and harvesting can be reduced by the time required for farmers to fill their needs. Harvest can also be limited by the size of the crop field zone, or the amount of storage available.

In 1.5.11, three level 1 farmers harvested 75 Wheat.pngWheat from one harvest. Therefore, in 21 days, the farm creates enough wheat for 25 Bread.pngBread.

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